Professional experience


1/6/2019- current

Associate professor at the Philosophy Group, Wageningen University

12/2013- 1/6/2019

Assistant professor at the Philosophy Group, Wageningen University

Post-doc at the Ethics Institute on the interdisciplinary research project ‘Agression of the African Catfish’

9/2007-12/ 2013

Lecturer in Ethics at the Ethics Institute

11/2006- 2011
Committeemember of the Dutch Alternatives to Animal Experimentation Committee (ZON-MW) Function: ethical expert. This work consisted in judging the societal relevance of and approving subsidy to applications for research into alternatives to animal testing; attending meetings and giving advice.

9/1999- 11/2001
Junior researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Bioethics and Health Law (CBG), Utrecht University, Netherlands Research carried out: the moral acceptability of sheltering sick or orphaned seals in the Netherlands

1/2000- 11/2001
Committeemember of Animal Experimentation Committee at University of Amsterdam and member of the Dutch Alternatives to Animal Experimentation Committee Function: ethical expert. 11/1999- 2/2001 Scientific assistant of the Committee for Animal Biotechnology, Netherlands

Student assistant at the University of Amsterdam. Function: organizing a course for medical and health care professionals on patient autonomy and carrying out market research into the desirability of an international course on euthanasia

3/1999- 7/1999
Researcher for the Council for Health and Social Services, Dutch Ministry of Health. Function: conducting comparative research regarding biomedical ethical policies in 6 different countries.

11/1998- 2/1999
Administrative assistant at the Dutch Ministry of Health. Function: taking minutes at public consultations regarding embryo research

9/1997- 1/1998
Internship at the Centre for Bioethics and Health Law, Utrecht University, Netherlands. Research topic: animal integrity. Other activities: helping to organise a conference on basic ethical principles in bioethics and biolaw, writing a report for the Ministry of Agriculture about the moral aspects of crossing species barriers, making an analysis of 20 recommendations of the Committee for Animal Biotechnology

Teaching experience

PhD courses

Animal ethics for Animal Science students

Climate Ethics for philosophy students

Master’s courses
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (in English)
Law, Morality and Policy (also coordination) (in English)
Master of Life-sciences (in English)

Environmental Ethics and Ecological Restoration (in English)


Bachelor’s courses

Environmental Project Studies (in English)

Science, Technology and Society (in English)

Global Environmental Politics; University of Melbourne (tutorials)
Bio-ethics for Biologists (also coordination)
Medical Humanities
Ethics in Context
Animal ethics for veterinairy Science students
Animal ethics for biomedical science students
Ethics to pharmacy studentsaboratory animal science
Ethics for nurses

Guest lectures
Animal ethics at the Law Faculty
Deliberative democracy for Master of Applied Ethics students
Moral pluralism in environmental ethics to Philosophy students; University of Amsterdam

Extra-university teaching
Ethics trainings and leading discussions for employees of the Dutch Ministry for Economics, Agriculture and Innovation
Leading moral discussions with dairy cattle famers
Coordination of a course about patient autonomy for professionals

Master of Applied Ethics theses
Research training about animal ethics at the University of Melbourne
Papers Medical Humanities, Global Environmental Politics, Ethics in Context, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, and Law, Morality and Policy

Work-related activities


Chair of the Working group on Environmental Philosophy (OZSW)


Editor-in-chief of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EurSafe) newsletter

Member of European program (European Science Foundation-funded) network ‘Rights to a Green Future’

Member of National School for Research in Practical Philosophy (OZSE) working group on environmental ethics and since 2011 chair of subgroup on animal ethics

Editor of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics newsletter

Postgraduate Representative at the Department of Political Science, University of Melbourne

Editor for Cimedart, Philosophy Faculty Magazine of the University of Amsterdam. This work consisted of writing and editing short philosophical articles and organizing guest lectures

Student Representative of the Philosophy Faculty and University of Amsterdam Women and Minorities Emancipation Committees


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